Special Agent in Charge Stephen E. Vogt

Federal Bureau of Investigation

2600 Lord Baltimore Drive
Baltimore, MD  21244


Dear Special Agent in Charge Vogt:


I am writing to urge that your office conduct an investigation into the death of 16-year old Annie McCann in Baltimore four years ago.


Annie, a minor, left her home in Northern Virginia, probably in the company of at least one adult.  They traveled across state lines to Baltimore.  Reliable eyewitnesses place Annie in the company of an adult at a pastry shop in Baltimore.  A few hours later, Annie was stuffed behind a dumpster.  She had a fatal amount of lidocaine in her stomach, and also suffered from blunt force trauma.


The Baltimore police department jumped to the conclusion that Annie killed herself, and has not honestly investigated her death. Annie’s parents have raised troubling and credible concerns with the quality of the police investigation.  Their private investigators have developed new leads that the police will not pursue, preferring instead to cling to their original theory.


Among the leads developed by Annie’s parents and their PIs is the report by a stranger in downstate Virginia that a named high school classmate of Annie’s was a cyber-stalker, pursuing a different 16-year old girl in Farmville, VA. 


Separately, your colleagues in Northern Virginia recently busted a huge human trafficking and prostitution ring operating in Fairfax County, including Annie’s high school, West Potomac High.


According to Annie’s parents, there are other persons of interest and other causes for concern.  Fundamentally, though, it appears that this poor girl’s death has not been honestly investigated.


Can your office assume jurisdiction in this case? Beyond any doubt, a young girl crossed state lines for some unknown enterprise, died under the most sinister circumstances imaginable, and her death has not been honestly investigated.  Aside from justice for Annie, other children may be in danger.













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