Larry Hogan, Governor of Maryland

100 State Circle

Annapolis, Maryland 21401-1925


Dear Governor Hogan,


I am writing to urge a vigorous investigation into the death of 16-year old Annie McCann in Baltimore almost ten years ago.


I have followed reporting on the case, and I feel that there are many troubling aspects to how the Baltimore police department has conducted the investigation. Their theory of the case, that Ms. McCann killed herself by drinking Bactine, seems impossible. The theory is not shared by the Medical Examiner. And it appears the police have defended their unusual and unsupported theory with many contradictions, perhaps even lies.


It seems clear now that this poor girl was brutally beaten, and apparently sodomized. How can the Baltimore Police Department call this a suicide? It seems to be the latest example, of many, of a grossly corrupt Baltimore Police Department!


Governor Hogan, the handling of the police investigation into this poor girlÕs death is an embarrassment to the people of Baltimore, and the people of Maryland. It is an injustice to Annie and to her parents. Please, please, please, Governor Hogan Š do the right thing, and order a real investigation into AnnieÕs death!
















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